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3 years

Of consistent trading activity


Profit factor

> 50%

Monthly return rate

Custom-developed trading algorithms

Advanced, custom-developed trading algorithms

At the core of Revhub’s operations lies a meticulously engineered algorithmic engine. This proprietary technology, developed in-house, optimizes trading strategies with exceptional efficacy. Seamlessly integrating automation with a high-yield approach, it ensures a streamlined and efficient trading process that eliminates manual complexities, guaranteeing profit stability over time.

Strategically planned tokenomics model

Our unique approach guarantees the project's sustainable growth and stability while fostering an environment conducive to rewarding both investors and the project's development.


Buy & Sell Tax

Revhub's ecosystem functions on a strategically planned tokenomics model, supported by a 5/5 buy and sell tax structure. This approach guarantees the project's sustainable growth and stability while fostering an environment conducive to rewarding both investors and the project's development.


Algorithm Trading Fund

A pivotal aspect of Revhub's success lies in the efficiency of our trading strategies. 3% of the buy and sell tax is directed to fuel these strategies and facilitate profit generation.


Revenue Share Pool

Recognizing the vital role our investors play in the project's journey, 1% of the buy and sell tax is allocated to the Revenue Share Pool.


Buyback and Liquidity Provision

Market stability and token value are paramount for Revhub's sustainable growth. Therefore, 1% of the buy and sell tax is allocated for the Buyback and Liquidity Provision.

Revhub Ecosystem

From our strategic tax structure to the reinvestment of profits for ecosystem growth, each element is designed to amplify the potential for user earnings. Beyond merely holding tokens, investors actively participate in the project's success through a mechanism that aligns their profitability with the project's performance.

Revhub Ecosystem

Our Products


NFT Collections, designed to cater to various user preferences, offer fixed rewards as a form of passive income. Holders of these NFTs receive a fixed monthly return directly tied to the nominal value of their digital asset, which is the NFT minting price. This approach ensures a straightforward and predictable source of passive income, aiming to enhance accessibility and complement the variable returns associated with the main token.

RH Token

Each month, 60% of the profits generated by the algorithmic trading bot are distributed to our holders, proportionally to their Rh token holdings. The Revenue Share Pool encompasses not only profits derived from the trading operation, but also includes revenues from diverse sources, such as Revhub NFT collections and SaaS agreements. This strategic approach guarantees consistent and progressively increasing user rewards as the project continues to expand.

SaaS Agreement

SaaS agreements play a pivotal role in establishing collaborative partnerships between the Revhub project and third parties. These agreements yield numerous benefits for both entities, enabling them to leverage and access our advanced algorithmic trading bots. This highlights the adaptability of our technology, cultivating mutually advantageous alliances with other players in the industry, fostering synergistic relationships and facilitating technological access for our partners.

Trusted worldwide

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We believe in building trust through openness and ethical practices. Clear, honest communication about our methods, strategies, and outcomes is crucial, and we are committed to maintaining this transparency at every level of our interaction with the community.



Revhub ensures the security of our treasury through a robust protocol within a Gnosis Safe.



The treasury is strategically positioned to implement a spectrum of diversified investment strategies in the future.



The Revhub treasury stands as a foundation in ensuring the ecosystem's stability and fostering its ongoing growth trajectory.